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Terrell Montadales and Savannahs

Raising quality breeding stock that breeds on for other breeders.

Terrell Montadales was founded in 1960 as a 4-H project and we’ve been going strong in the purebred Montadale Sheep business ever since.  Fifty-five plus years later, we’re still raising and selling quality purebred registered Montadale ewes and stud bucks across the United States. 

Our stock has earned many national championships and show wins throughout the years and have proven themselves as producers time and time again.  For more information on our show ring success, please visit our National Champions page.

While our home operation is based in New Castle, Indiana, we also run ewes in South Dakota and Ohio.  For us, the best compliment we can receive is when new buyers become repeat buyers.  When we sell a breeder one of our animals, and they come back the following year for more, we know we’re doing something right.  That tells us that our Montadale breeding program is on track.  Our goal is really very simple - raise and sell quality breeding stock that breeds on for other breeders.

If you’re looking for show quality Montadale Sheep that will win in the ring and produce in the pasture, please give us a call.

While we always have, and always will have a passion for our Montadales, in 2009 we saw an opportunity in the meat goat industry and decided it was time to expand.

We started out very simply with a Boer buck crossed on both Spanish does and Kiko does.  We retained the best of these females and are crossing them on a Savannah buck.  The resulting crossbred meat does are retained as our foundation herd.  We do a lot of line breeding and by doing this, you very quickly find the exceptional individuals and traits to progress the meat goat herd.  My goal and mission with my meat goat herd is to produce fast growing, heavily muscled goats that are correct and will enhance the meat goat industry in Indiana and throughout the country.

Whether you’re looking for Purebred Montadales or exceptional meat goat replacement does, market wethers or replacement bucks, please feel free to contact us.

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2710 W. CR 200N
New Castle, IN 47362
Tom Terrell & Family
Montadale Sheep Breeders Association, Inc.
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